StreamKick screenshot showing stream discovery features.

Intelligent Matchmaking

StreamKick helps you discover new streams based on the ones you already like.

StreamKick's matchmaking algorithm will pair you with streamers and content creators that you'll love. It starts from the moment you create your first channel. The more time you spend watching, and the more feedback you provide, the more refined the matches become.

StreamKick screenshot showing browsing features and functionality.

Empowered Browsing

Browse the full catalog of live Twitch streamers, filtering your way down to the perfect streams for what you're in the mood to watch. Looking for a specific genre of games, the most talented or simply the most engaging content creators? Be as broad or specific as you like. You're always steering the ship.

StreamKick screenshot showing user channel preferences.

Persistent Channels

Once you create a channel the personalization begins immediately. Create as many channels as you like. They're yours for as long as you want, so you'll always have something to watch. Name your channels for easy reference, and create new ones on the fly. Like any show, sometimes you're in the mood for a comedy, other days you're in the mood for a drama.

StreamKick screenshot showing StreamDNA functionality.


As you watch, you'll have opportunities to provide real-time feedback for the streamer. Watch long enough, and you can even leave a review. Mention a favorite moment, request a facecam, or whatever comes to mind.

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