The easiest, fastest, and best way to discover new streamers you'll actually enjoy.

Intelligent Matchmaking
StreamKick matches you with content creators based on personality and content characteristics you control.
Empowered Browsing
You define the exact filters for your search, across all streamers currently live.
Personal Channel Directory
Save your search criteria and create your own directory of channels you can browse and share at any time.
Rate & Review Your Matches
Rate streams using StreamDNA and leave feedback for streamers, rapidly improving your matches over time.
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Enable discovery based on your content and personality, not your view count.

Personality attributes that you and your audience shape over time.
Audience Feedback
Steer the long-term direction of your stream and respond to audience feedback.
Inform would-be viewers about content characteristics they want but can’t find anywhere else.
Build a Robust Profile
Built entirely for discovery, your StreamKick profile gives viewers the best glimpse into you and your content
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