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Hi - we're StreamKick

We're a live-stream discovery platform built to match viewers with the content they want most. Whether you’ve just discovered live-streaming (welcome!) or if you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered.

Finding content creators worth following shouldn’t be a painful process. And yet, it is. We believe that quality content is not solely measured by viewer count, and that streaming a popular title shouldn't hopelessly bury a streamer.

We're pumped you're here, and we're excited to play a part in your most excellent discovery journey.


Create channels focused around content you like, and we’ll find more just like it

Start with something you like. It could be a particular broadcaster, game, or even a platform. We'll create a new channel for you based on the preferences in your profile.

We'll occasionally ask you for feedback on the streams you're watching. Your input tells us how you feel about that stream, and helps us find more great matches for you. The streamer learns how viewers feel about the channel, and you're helping the entire StreamKick community discover content they'll love to. It's a win-win-win.



At its core, every stream is unique and ever evolving

No matter who's running the show, every stream is unique. Some days funny, and some days focused. When you tune in can make a huge difference in whether you stay or ever come back. This means many great matches simply never happen. There are over 2 million unique streamers on Twitch alone, and your time is precious.

StreamDNA is our solution for that problem. It's a reflection of the many characteristics that make each stream unique. Over time, viewer feedback helps us construct a unique StreamDNA profile for a streamer. The most critical StreamDNA elements include:

A measure of the streamer's talent in the task at hand. From Novice to Master, there's a streamer for every level.
Staying cool under pressure is a skill we don't all possess. There are Salt Gods, and there are Saints. You decide which you prefer.
Audience Interaction
Some streamers require focus, and others invite interaction. You may be looking for intense Focus or craving a Communal atmosphere.
Entertainment Level
As the viewer you’re the ultimate judge. Did you just witness a Resident Sleeper or another Sensational broadcast?

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