We believe that quality content is not solely measured by viewer count, and that streaming a popular title shouldn't hopelessly bury a streamer.

We also believe there's limitless potential in streaming. There are over 2 million streamers on Twitch alone and that number grows every day. The only thing separating today's rookie streamer from tomorrow's superstar is the ability to gain a following – to build a community.

Connecting the right viewers with content creators they'll love not only satisfies the itch for quality entertainment, it creates long-lasting connections. The kinds of connections we as fellow gamers cherish, and believe everyone should experience.

Welcome to StreamKick.

StreamKick Fundamentals

Viewer First Approach

We always put the viewer first, because a happy viewer is a lifelong viewer.

Metrics That Matter

We surface streamers’ unique attributes because discoverability is more than view count.

Growth Focused

We strive to build more and bigger communities because we want to grow together.

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Behind the scenes

We’re viewers on an endless quest to enjoy the streaming ecosystem to its fullest. StreamKick was inspired through our frustration at endlessly clicking meaningless thumbnails, and wasting valuable hours in the hope we’d find content we actually wanted to watch.

Thanks to the content creators we discovered over the years, we learned that streaming goes much deeper than the game being played and how many people are watching. Every content creator has unique qualities, and it's those qualities that keep us coming back. From there we set out to share that uniqueness in a way that felt good for everyone.

We game, we watch, and we sometimes stream. But, like you, we're part of this community and we want to see it grow and realize its full potential.

We talk about streaming A LOT. Hit up our blog for loads more.

StreamKick Blog

It’s in our DNA - StreamDNA, that is

At the core of every connection between viewers and streamers is the right combination of DNA. The attributes that set apart different content creators are the attributes upon which communities are ultimately built. Attracting the right viewers is a matter of finding that precise combination of DNA and then stepping back. Enter, StreamDNA.


A measure of the streamer's talent at the task at hand. From Novice all the way Master, there’s a streamer for every leg of the journey.

Sportsmanship / Temperament

Staying cool under pressure is a skill not everyone possesses. There are Salt Gods, and there are Saints. And then there's everything in between.

Audience Interaction

Some streamers do it for the love of the game while others invite interaction and participation. Does the audience crave intense Focus or a more Communal atmosphere?


The viewer is the ultimate judge. Was the stream just another Resident Sleeper or was it a Sensational broadcast that's definitely worth sharing?