StreamKick matches you with streaming content you'll love.

Discovery:  Intelligent Matchmaking

StreamKick finds new streams for you based on your feedback.

Our matchmaking algorithm pairs you with streamers you’ll love, and communities you’ll want to be a part of. The more time you spend watching and the more feedback you provide, the more refined your matches become.

StreamKick lets you take control of your stream browsing.

Discovery:  Empowered Browsing

A powerful filtering system with proprietary tagging eliminates guessing and mindless clicking.

Browse the full catalog of live streams, filtering down to the perfect streams for your mood. Whether you're looking for a specific genre, theme, or if personality is your game – you can dial it in however you choose.

Rate streamers on StreamKick.

Feedback:  Rate Streams

Rate streams qualitatively, directing StreamKick in how it finds new content for you.

Watch a stream for a period of time and you'll have an opportunity to rate what you've been watching. You'll directly influence what streams you're matched with, contribute to the streamer's StreamDNA profile, and improve the discovery experience for the entire community.

Review streamers on StreamKick.

Feedback:  Review Streams

Deliver real-time feedback directly to streamers.

After watching long enough, you can leave a written review for a streamer. Share a favorite moment, link a clip, request a game for a future stream - whatever comes to mind. Insight from reviews support growing streamers and the community we all love.

StreamDNA refines your browsing experience by finding streams that match your mood.

Personalization:  StreamDNA

Define the content you prefer based on qualitative attributes, not just by game.

Set your preference for the characteristics of streams you enjoy most. Every discovery path you explore is guided by your StreamDNA preference. Change it anytime and StreamKick will respond in kind – delivering new matches to suit your mood.

Create personalized stream channels on StreamKick.

Personalization:  Personal Channel Directory

Create your own personal, interest-based channels directly from any discovery path.

Turn any discovery effort into a living, persistent channel. Create as many as you like and keep them for as long as you want. Name them for easy reference and share them with your friends. Each is unique to you. Your mood changes, so let your content change with it.

By the way - it's free.

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