• Q. Why rate streams?

    A: ​By rating streams, you're giving StreamKick insight about how ​you​ perceive the stream and the streamer. StreamKick can then use that insight to better match you with content you'll love, improving your experience and saving you heaps of time. Additionally, those ratings are used to build an aggregate StreamDNA profile for the streamers you rate. This improves everyone’s ability to find content and helps streamers understand how viewers perceive their content. It's a win all around!

  • Q. What is StreamDNA?

    A: ​StreamDNA is the collection of attributes StreamKick uses to build profiles of streams and streamers. There are four primary attributes viewers can use to rate each stream: Audience Engagement, Skill, Sportsmanship, and Overall Entertainment. Each is rated on a qualitative scale in accordance with each viewer's perception of a stream and streamer. Other attributes make up the overall StreamDNA for a streamer as well, but the four primary attributes have the greatest influence over StreamKick's matchmaking.

  • Q. Will streamers know how viewers rate them?

    A: No, ratings are kept confidential. Only viewers can see the exact rating they’ve given to a stream. Ratings are aggregated so streamers will only see the overall perception viewers have of their streams.

  • Q. How often can I rate a stream or streamer?

    A: A streamer can be rated once every 30 days per game or activity they're streaming. For instance, if a streamer plays Hearthstone one day and Heroes of the Storm the next day, he/she can be rated once for each game ​when streaming it​.

  • Q. Can ratings be given retroactively?

    A: No, ratings can only be given at the time the streamer is streaming a particular game or activity on the platform. If the streamer switches games mid-stream and a rating is given after the switch, the rating will apply to the game being streamed at the time of the rating.

  • Q. Can a rating be undone?

    A: No, once submitted, ratings are set.

  • Q. Why review streams?

    A: Reviewing streams provides valuable feedback to streamers, and insight into the streamer's content for viewers looking for something new. Reviewing a stream is a great way for viewers to get their opinions in front of a streamer, especially if stream chat is a problem or if a streamer doesn't pay close attention to chat.

  • Q. Will streamers and other viewers know who gave a review?

    A: Yes, reviews are shown publicly along with the user IDs of the viewers who submitted them. We do this to prevent viewers from abusing the review system or posting malicious content for the sake of attacking streamers. Negative reviews are perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged if a viewer feels the feedback is justified. Personal attacks or excessive profanity is not allowed.

  • Q. Can streamers respond to reviews?

    A: Responding to reviews is available to StreamKick Members. The same rules that apply to viewers leaving reviews applies to streamers responding to reviews. Personal attacks and excessive profanity is not allowed.