• Stream Discovery

  • Q. Why do I see offline streams in search results?

    A: Unfortunately, we're at the mercy of the streaming platforms' APIs. People are coming online and going offline constantly, and we can't get perfect real-time results from the platforms. We've done everything we can to minimize offline results, and we're always working to improve that. If you come across too many offline streams at once, send us a note at feedback@streamkick.com and include as much info about your search as you can. You'll receive our undying gratitude in return, and that's worth something, right?

  • Q. Why are streams in the search results not matching the filters I used?

    A: For the same reason you sometimes see offline streams, Twitch's API has a longer cooldown than Twisted Fate's ultimate. Also, sometimes streamers will forget to update their game when they change, or it hasn't refreshed yet, or they’ve put in the wrong information. If you're able to confirm everything is correct on the streamer's end and StreamKick is giving you bad results, send an email to feedback@streamkick.com or hit us up on Discord.

  • Q. Why are search results limited to only 20?

    A: We limit search results because we're narrowing the matches as closely as we can to the exact criteria you've selected. The streams you see in the results are selected based on your search criteria and StreamKick's matching algorithm. If we're consistently missing the mark with matches, definitely let us know at feedback@streamkick.com. Try to include as much info as you can about the specific search you did and why the results weren't so good.

  • Q. How are matched streams determined?

    A: We use a proprietary algorithm that takes into account many different factors to match viewers with stream/ers. StreamDNA and specific search criteria are the most influential, which is why it's important for streamers to encourage their viewers to rate them. With a more complete StreamDNA profile, we can put exactly the right streamers in front of exactly the right viewers.

  • Rating & Reviewing Streams

  • Q. Why rate streams?

    A: By rating streams, you're telling StreamKick how you perceive the stream and the streamer. We then use that insight to better match you with content you'll love, improving your experience and saving you heaps of time. Additionally, those ratings are used to build the StreamDNA profile for the streamers you rate. This improves everyone's ability to find content and helps streamers understand how viewers perceive their content. Everyone wins!

  • Q. What is StreamDNA?

    A: StreamDNA is the collection of attributes StreamKick uses to build profiles of streams and streamers. There are four primary attributes viewers can use to rate each stream: Audience Engagement, Skill, Sportsmanship/Temperament, and Overall Entertainment. Each is rated on a qualitative scale in accordance with each viewer's perception of a stream and streamer. Other attributes make up the overall StreamDNA for a streamer as well, but the four primary attributes have the greatest influence over StreamKick's matchmaking.

  • Q. Will streamers know the ratings viewers give them?

    A: No, ratings are confidential. Only viewers can see the exact rating they've given to a stream/er. Ratings are aggregated so streamers see only the overall perception viewers have of their streams.

  • Q. How often can I rate a stream or streamer?

    A: A streamer can be rated once every 30 days per game or activity they're streaming. For instance, if a streamer plays Fortnite one day and League of Legends the next day, he/she can be rated once for each game when streaming it.

  • Q. Can ratings be given retroactively?

    A: No, ratings can only be given at the time the streamer is streaming a particular game or activity on the platform. If the streamer switches games mid-stream and a rating is given after the switch, the rating will apply to the game being streamed at the time of the rating.

  • Q. Can a rating be reversed or removed?

    A: No. Once submitted, ratings are set.

  • Q. Why review streams?

    A: Reviewing streams provides valuable feedback to streamers, and insight into the streamer's content for viewers looking for something new. Reviewing a stream is a great way for viewers to get their opinions in front of a streamer, especially if stream chat is a problem or if a streamer doesn't pay close attention to chat.

  • Q. Will streamers and other viewers know who gave a review?

    A: Yes, reviews are shown publicly along with the user IDs of the viewers who submitted them. We do this to prevent viewers from abusing the review system or posting malicious content for the sake of attacking streamers. Negative reviews are perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged if a viewer feels the feedback is justified. Personal attacks or excessive profanity is not allowed.

  • Q. Can streamers respond to reviews?

    A: Responding to reviews is available to StreamKick Premium Members. The same rules that apply to viewers leaving reviews applies to streamers responding to reviews. Personal attacks and excessive profanity is not allowed.

  • Membership & Gifting

  • Q. What are the benefits of StreamKick Premium Membership?

    A: As a StreamKick Premium Member, you'll have access to features to improve your overall discoverability. Think of it as SEO for your live content. Every benefit is designed to give viewers more control and information to find the content they want to watch, ultimately delivering to you the right viewers for your streaming and content style.

    You can see the full list of benefits on the Premium Membership page, but here are a few:

    • Premium Profile - better inform viewers about your streaming persona
    • StreamTags - actually useful tags to aid viewers in finding precisely what they want to watch
    • Search Highlight - make your stream stand out in the search results, telling viewers you have a complete profile so they can decide if your content is right for them
    • Feedback Response - prove to your viewers you care and respond to those who take the time to leave feedback on your channel, improving audience engagement
  • Q. What is Premium Membership gifting?

    A: Viewers are often asking how they can support their favorite streamers outside of subscribing and donating to their channels. That's where StreamKick Premium Membership gifting comes in. Anyone can gift a Premium Membership to the streamer of their choice in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month intervals. The streamer will be notified of the gift and the gift sender. The gifted streamer will receive the full benefits of a StreamKick Premium Membership. Gifted memberships do not auto-renew and are a one-time purchase, however viewers can buy as many of them as often as they like.

  • Q. How do I cancel my StreamKick membership?

    A: StreamKick Premium Member subscriptions auto-renew monthly, so a canceled premium membership will remain active until the end of the current term. To cancel an account:

    1. Log in to your StreamKick account
    2. Click on the account profile icon in the upper right side of any StreamKick.com page, or click on the menu expander and select "My Account."
    3. Once in your account, click on the Premium tab
    4. In the Premium tab, click the "Cancel Membership" link
    5. Follow the site prompts to complete the process
  • Q. How can I remove my Premium profile from StreamKick's discovery engine?

    A: A Premium profile is a key benefit of being a StreamKick Premium Member. If you want to remove a Premium profile the first step would be to cancel your account. Your Premium profile will remain active until your membership term expires. If you want to completely deactivate an enhanced profile prior to a membership term expiring, please contact support@streamkick.com and we'll give you a hand.

  • Account Management

  • Q. How do I change my default language preference?

    A: After you've created a StreamKick account, log in and click on the My Account icon in the upper right of any StreamKick page. You can also open the side nav and select My Account from there. On the General tab, you'll see the option to select your preferred language from the dropdown. Keep in mind, sometimes the language a streamer sets for his/her stream is not accurate. We base our language filter on that setting so if they're wrong, we're wrong.

  • Q. How can I delete my StreamKick account?

    A: Since your account is private, there's nothing to delete. But to deactivate your account, you should first log out of the StreamKick platform. Then, you'll need to remove access or deauthorize the StreamKick application from whichever platforms you've used to authenticate. Those include Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, etc. You can see your linked accounts under My Account in the General tab. Any ratings or reviews you've submitted will persist, but you will no longer be able to view, rate, or review streams on the StreamKick platform until you reauthorize your account with your platform of choice.